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A CLAssification of Mobile genetic Elements
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ACLAME is a database dedicated to the collection and classification of mobile genetic elements (MGEs) from various sources, comprising all known phage genomes, plasmids and transposons. In addition to provide information on the full genomes and genetic entities, it aims at building a comprehensive classification of the functional modules of MGE's at the protein, gene, and higher levels.
Welcome to ACLAME version 0.4

The MGEs available in ACLAME are:
with their proteins grouped into
with their proteins grouped into
with their proteins grouped into
with their proteins grouped into
with their proteins grouped into

You can view the MGEs grouped according to their hosts or perform a keyword search in ACLAME with the following form:
Operator: AND OR Case sensitive

Additional useful resources on ACLAME
MeGO the ontology dedicated to mobile genetic elements.
Prophinder a prophage prediction tool.
Stats for version 0.4
There are 122154 proteins found in 2326 MGEs. Total number of host is 811.
Proteins have been clustered in families as follow:
    Prophages = 6822 clusters
    Plasmids = 18228 clusters
    Viruses and prophages = 16057 clusters
    Viruses = 11503 clusters
    All = 32919 clusters
More stats

5 August 2009 more...
ACLAME version 0.4 is out!
The three major new features are: 1) addition of prophages in the database, 2) access to the reticulate classification and...
11 December 2008 more...
Web pages fixes for Internet Explorer
Some users reported difficulties to navigate the ACLAME web site with Internet Explorer. We strongly recommend to use a descent...
9 December 2008 more...
Reference MGEs
We have started to define some MGEs as reference entries. Such MGEs have their proteins description re-annotated with the...