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MeGO is a Gene Ontology under construction dedicated to the functions of mobile genetic elements. The terms defined in MeGO are used to annotate phage and plasmid protein families in ACLAME.
Please note that some terms in the ontology are there transiently as markers or awaiting future incorporation in the sequence ontology (SO).
The phage ontology PhiGO has now been incorporated in MeGO and can thus be accessed in MeGO version 1.0 and up. From this page you can:
  • Download the latest release of the MeGO in OBO format: MeGO_2.1.obo or the MySQL dump gzipped file
  • Download the live version (with the very latest changes) of the file in OBO format: MeGO_live.obo (last modified on Tue Nov 1 15:49:57 2011)
  • Browse all previous versions of the file: Browse
  • Browse MeGO through the AmiGO web interface
If you have comments, suggestions or questions on the MGE ontology, you can register and post them on the ACLAME forums.