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Phage functions
The phage ontology called PhiGO was developed to provide functions definition for phage annotations in ACLAME.
Warning: this page is now obsolete since PhiGO has been integrated in a broader ontology dedicated to mobile genetic elements annotation: MeGO.
From this page you can still access the following:
  • Download the latest (old) release of the phage ontology in OBO format: PhiGO_1.6.obo
  • Download the (old) live version (with the very latest changes) of the file in OBO format: PhiGO_live.obo (last modified on Tue Feb 19 15:36:03 2008)
  • Browse all previous versions of the file: Browse
If you have comments, suggestions or questions on the phage ontology, you can register and post them on the ACLAME forums.